Why CleanMyEmails ?

CleanMyEmails ensures you only send email to real users and helps you to
seamlessly mail with any paid emailing system or private server.
Whether your list is old, purchased or borrowed, we’ll make sure you can reach
each of your clients and at a fraction of the cost.

The easy solution to
improve email deliverability

When you send to an invalid email address, it will bounce.
The more bounces you get the lower your sender reputation/score will become.
If your score gets low enough, your emails will just stop getting through and YOU
are now blocked. No servers will let any of your emails in

Stay Safe. Validate and Verify your emails before you mail them out.
CleanMyEmails can reduce your bounce by upwards of 98% and get your offers delivered.
So Stop bouncing and start converting your leads into paying customers.

Don’t Get Trapped !

Spam Traps – are active emails you can inbox. They are specifically created to Trap spammers

and if you get caught, your Email address, IP and Domain will be jeopardized and will be black listed and potentially completely shut down.

Honey Pots – are abandoned email accounts (mostly free ones like AOL, Yahoo, Gmail etc., as well as private ones) that get taken over by the ESP. Since they are dormant if you send mail to them, your Email address, IP and Domain will now be flagged as a spammer.

It doesn’t matter if you unknowingly mailed to these address, they don’t care.

STAY SAFE – we will identify and remove as many Spam Traps and Honey Pots as possible.

Our simple pricing model

Upload your list and receive an instant quote. You can order Validation or
Verification or both. We discount your order if you order both.
We accept all major credits cards with flexible billing options.

Volume Discounts

The more you verify, the lower the cost

Free De-duplication

We remove duplicates and bad syntax at no cost.

No Contracts

Pay for what you use

Flexible Billing Options

Pay as you go, no commitments

No Hidden Costs

All Features included

Lowest Price Guaranteed

You won’t find better pricing anywhere