After years of paying a small fortune mailing out Email offers to our opt-in list through our bulk mail servers, we started to see a large decline in sales even though we were dealing with our clients on a daily basis.

We started to dig into why this was happening and found all sorts of issues with our bulk mail servers; ips, domain reputation, sender reputation, sender score, complainers, disposable email address, spam traps, bounce rate etc. It was so overwhelming we had to start from scratch, but more importantly I realized I had to Clean My Emails, and that’s when it all began.

Basically when you send to dead, invalid emails they will bounce. The more you bounce the lower your sender reputation is. If your reputation gets low enough your emails stop getting through. You are Blocked, even if you’re not aware, all major ISP’s, especially the free ones like Yahoo, Gmail, AOL etc. work of Block Lists, if you’re on it, your mail won’t get through.

We hired some of the larger companies to clean our data, check for invalids, spam traps, any potentially dangerous emails address that might ruin our sending reputation and block us from sending out our offers to our valued customers. Most White listed mailing platforms won’t even let you upload your list, let along send it out if it’s not clean.

You may not even know you’re on any blacklist or why it even happened and they certainly don’t ask you if it was a mistake, they just Block You and its extremely time consuming to get off that list if at all.

Well cleaning our data was costing way more than it ever did to email out our offers, so we started to figure out how to validate and verify our own data.

Since 2010 we’ve developed our own data hygiene system (Validate/Scrub & Verify) to get our lists to a 98.5% cleanliness. We were then able to upload any list to any White listed server such as MailChimp, Constant Contact etc. and mail with no problems, have virtually no bounces, hardly any complaints and completely control our email offers again but at a MUCH higher ROI.

Lesson Learned, don’t bother with your own mail servers, priming your ips, keeping servers happy, dealing with domains, IP, ISP’s etc is a waste of time, stick with the white listed servers (let them worry about in boxing), clean your emails and just have fun creating an awesome offer and convert them into sales.

So stay out of trouble. Validate and verify email addresses before you send. CleanMyEmails can reduce your bounce rate by 98% and help your messages get delivered. So stop bouncing and start converting your prospects into customers with CleanMyEmails.