Monitor your sender score reputation

 sender scoreThe first two stages of email rehab helped you verify that your legacy email lists and the emails you are collecting in real time are valid and deliverable, but your hard work isn’t over yet! The final stage of email rehab is to build an ongoing email data quality strategy. One part of that overall strategy includes revamping your sender reputation. Monitoring your sender score reputation is a critical aspect of your email rehab program that should not be overlooked.

Your organization’s sender reputation with email service providers (ESPs) is nearly as important as your personal credit score. Just as a financial institution looks at your credit score to determine the terms of a loan, email providers look at your sender reputation to determine whether your emails should be delivered, filtered, sent to the junk folder or blocked entirely.

Your sender reputation is a percentile ranking of your IP address against other IP addresses on a scale from 0-100. If your sender score is 90 or above, way to go! If your score is between 80 and 50, there are some opportunities to refine your email or hygiene practices. If your score is below 50, ESPs likely view you as a spammer and you will need to do some serious work to kick your bad email habits. You can check your sender score here.

In the last 12 months, 61 percent of organizations experienced events that could damage their sender reputation. This challenge resulted in the inability to communicate with subscribers as well as poor customer service, both of which could have been avoided in seconds with an email verification service.

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Trying to navigate the world of email marketing can be tough. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone! Whether your strategy is performing well but could use fine tuning and optimization, or you have found yourself penalized and need a complete overhaul, CleanMyEmails Data Hygiene is here to help.