Have a question about data hygiene, ask me here.

data hygieneHey everyone, feel free to ask anything you like about cleaning your emails, data hygiene.

There is no dumb question and there are a million things to fully understand how this all works, so your question/s might be same on minds of many more, so ask away and I’ll reply to each and every questions.

Note sure whats a suppression list, hard bounce, ISP, scrubbing, spam trap or how your dirty list could get your domain and money website shut down?

just ask 🙂

Data hygiene is key to keeping your email lists clean, in-boxing and monetizing.

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  1. Phil
    Phil says:

    Hi Johnny, Thanks for the scrub on my list. One Question that I couldn’t find the answer:

    On the list,most email address have a number preceding(s) it like:

    However, some do not:

    How do these preceding numbers effect the use of these addresses?
    My gut tells me that the numbers have to be removed first…..
    And if I do remove the preceding numbers, I may remove ones that should be there as part of the email address.

    Sorry if I’m making this harder than it may be. However, you did say “No question is too stupid”

    • CleanMyEmails
      CleanMyEmails says:

      HI Phil, your very welcome,

      I think your gut would be wrong at this point, i would leave all the numbers in place as they are most likely suppose to be their and you’ll end up just messing up those emails address.
      If your suspicious of them , then just mail out a dozen and see if they bounce back or not, that will give you an idea for the rest.
      rule of thumb though ( which is close to your gut ) is most emails that start with ONLY numbers, ex: 344534@yourdomain.com are usually not good, traps etc. i would remove them completely and usually do when i scrub a list.

      and your right, NO questions is too stupid, so ask away, there are far to many things to understand when it comes to emails, mailing , data hygiene so that’s why i am here 🙂


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