What is Internet Marketing all about?

internet marketingWelcome to the latest and most effective Internet Marketing Training Guide, designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of getting the most out of Marketing on behalf of your business. We are so excited to have you here, and I know this will be very helpful for you in your personal blogs as well.

Chapter I: What is IM all about?

The Internet is a worldwide network that enables easy sharing of information among users scattered around the globe. The World Wide Web is a feature of the internet which provides services specifically for web sites.

Marketing is the methodology of communicating where businesses are associated with the buying and selling of products and services, and dealing with offerings that have some advantages for their clients, customers and society.

IM would then mean a cumulative amalgamation of both these modes of communication which facilitates info sharing with its users.

Internet Marketing is the process of ‘How to advertise products and services, and promote business or brand’ over the internet with a set of powerful tools and techniques.

This marketing strategy consists of having an extensive range of marketing aspects and mechanisms such as Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization etc., instead of traditional market


Technology is changing at a very rapid pace which makes it difficult for marketers to be on track with it. Therefore, they are seeking the help of the internet to evolve and adapt their marketing to the online sphere.

The growing dependence of businesses on the internet is not hidden from anyone. With the advent of globalization, people have access to numerous sources of information, which subsequently increases their purchasing power.

Powerful search houses like Google, Yahoo etc. have enabled people to search fast and easily to suit their requirements. You can make use of various types of promotion tactics like pay-per-click and banner ads to bring valuable visitors to your website.

  • The Purpose of internet marketing or IM:

The basic purpose of IM is to enable businesses to grow- both in terms of monetary gains and value addition to their products and services, this also applies to personal blogs and informational web postings.

With effective use of internet marketing strategies, you can follow a pin-point plan of action and move ahead as per your desired targets.

Most of the business organizations have these basic objectives –

Most of the businesses today have the basic objective of using internet marketing to gain monetary benefits. It’s good to be money oriented, but keep in mind not to lose track of your quality aspect in the long run.

Value delivery aims to give customers the best quality at the most affordable prices.

This has been going on for ages in the business industry. Prolonged efforts have been made, and they have yielded expected results for the users.

A cumulative effort of both the above points, it focuses on maximum customer satisfaction by providing them the best quality products at an affordable cost, also. Brand enhancement enables you to enhance customer base with reduced efforts.

  • Overall business success:

A careful and planned implementation of internet marketing strategies proves to be of immense help for your business. All the facets of growth are easily catered to if these strategies are given their due importance.

IM helps a great deal in educating the consumers. By proper utilization of it, information sharing becomes convenient and gets transmitted across various channels.

  • Facilitates advertising process:

A company’s advertising process gets boosted with internet marketing. By making people aware of the products and services through IM, businesses are cutting its cost on advertising in a big way.

Communication within an organization as well as with customers is facilitated with IM. Through effective online promotions, large numbers of people get information in a short time.

  • How to get started with Internet Marketing:

The below mentioned points will enable you to get started with IM in a simple manner –

  1. Set goals: Be attentive and have clearly defined goals. Find the answer of “Why.” This “Why” gives you a straightforward idea to decide clear objectives for your business and follow them in a smooth manner. It also enables you to move forward in a stream lined direction and avoid going off track for achieving your goals. (you’ll have clearly defined goals)
  2. Manage expectations: Do extensive research on your targeted customers, and their likes and dislikes. You should find out what their exact requirements are and give an apt solution for that. (That’s called need recognition)
  3. Set yourself up for success: You need to determine proper tools to manage your web presence. Distinctive views of every product and service will help you to get more traffic. You can try numerous ad copies to find the best ad copy for specific products and services to attract your potential customers.
  4. Have something worth selling: Give some great offers to capture your visitor’s attention. You can also print out your product and service benefits and why they should opt for your product instead of others.
  5. Get started: You are done with everything, such as setting up the goals, research, tools and products. Now, you can opt for sites or networks that you want to use or test to make your campaign successful. Be honest and realistic with your expectations because nothing is a magic bullet.

Internet Marketing is a great method that will help you make big bucks with the latest technology, online power tools and low cost.