My list is clean, why am I still getting email bounce ?

email bounce - cleanmyemails.comThese days when you are trying to in-box and/or IM (Internet Mailing) its much harder than it used to be. The main reason is the intelligence that the ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) have come up with to stop spam or unsolicited emails.

There are many background factors that you have to understand which will explain exactly WHY your email bounce or are not in-boxing.

The main reason why you have these problems is most likely the following:
Blocked IP or Domain – when an IP is abused (regardless if you did it nor not) it gets blacklisted, so if you just got a new server and didn’t check your IP’s health, you my have started out with a bad IP in the first place or you mailing practices poo pooed your IP.

Example: Your ip is bled (blacklisted) on say Barracuda or Spamhaus or Sorbs (these are a few of the big ones) and Yahoo, Gmail, AOL and most other ISP’s enlist their black lists. (Compare your ip to these Blacklists), your IP is basically done at this point !

So you send a legitimate email out and it either goes straight to spam box or the email bounce back. Some servers just WON’T accept any emails from that IP so they bounce the email back (this is determined by the SMTP code that comes back with the bounce). Something along the lines of your ip is suspicious or has been blacklisted so we don’t want to hear from you AT ALL, so take a hike buddy !!!

This doesn’t determine if the email you’re sending to is valid or not, because you never got that far, basically the bouncer didn’t let you into the party, you were bounced at the door!

Now when this happens or lets say you have been mailing on an IP/IPS and things have changed these tools will help try to determine whats going on in the background !! read this posting.

So you can control your email bounce, now that your understand why.