How It Works

Every list is unique as every client is different and their data hygiene requirements vary from list to list. At CleanMyEmails you can aggressively scrub out known harmful data and verify, only lightly scrub your list or simply verify it.


We will help you select what’s best for your tailored hygiene requirements, you pick exactly what you need/want to identify from your list,  so you retain as many great potential leads as possible based on your history, list and requirements.

CleanMyEmails identifies email threats by Scrubbing (Validating) which is the process of comparing known existing bad data and/or suppression lists against your email list and identifying any harmful email threats. You will have the option to use our default scrubbing option and/or choose to also scrub from our variety of additional filters as well as add your own custom data that we will scrub with as well.  We’ll guide you, but ultimately you customize your scrub.

We scrub and identify:

Syntax Errors

Disposable Domains

Duplicate Emails


Spam Traps

Honey Pots

Malicious Moles


Numeric Emails

Harmful Domains

MX Check


Known Complainers

System & Role Account Emails



DNE Do Not Email

Bots and Content Spammers

Invalid Domains



Verification is our service where we determine which email addresses will not be delivered and hard bounce right back to the sender. Hard Bounces are the second most harmful type of email data, eliminating these emails from a list is vital to a successful campaign. CleanMyEmails is able to verify Yahoo email addresses utilizing trade secret and proprietary technology.  In addition to all of the popular domains such as Gmail, AOL, and Outlook, our verification service is also able to work with B2B domains making use of a specially developed grey listing technology.

We use sophisticated technology and dedicated IP addresses to check mailboxes and determine whether messages will soft bounce, hard bounce or deliver.