5 ways to transform success from your blog

keep-calm-300x300So you’ve got a blog? It’s been going OK but you want it to be better. How do you make your journal more successful with the minimum amount of fuss and without changing greatly how you already web log.


1 Analyze what you have done
It sounds simple but check what is your best performing post so far. What was next best? Any correlation? Write more stuff like that, it’s clear people want it. Don’t just look at the high traffic posts either. Have a look at the posts most commonly shared on social media. To reach greater success you need a wider audience and social media is a great catalyst for that.

2 Give stuff away
It’s a human fact: people are easily bought. If you need traffic to your blog you need to find ways of getting people there and a chance to win something or better still a guaranteed freebie – like an eBook of tips – is a great way of encouraging that and also encouraging people to share your links – again the power of social media is important to any successful journal.

3 Know your readers – Part I
Your web log is a form of social media, but use the other platforms to engage in conversation with your readers and find out more about them. What would they like to read about? What article have they most liked? Are there any of your readers who are interested in being a guest writer for you? For those not on social media encourage them to leave a comment at the end of your daily posts – ending on a question is often good for this.

4 Know your readers – Part II
Who visited your site today? Analytics can only help so far, you need cold hard data to be sure. Introduce a splash screen and get readers to sign-up for special offers or your monthly newsletter. Get them to give their email address and as much information about themselves as you think prudent and they will be willing to give. Don’t just take however, make sure you then use that data to give them something back too, like an exclusive bit of content or maybe an exclusive deal.


5 Check the data you have
The world is all about data and it is so important if you have a newsletter and / or a subscriber list consider investing in an email verification service to help clean your list of emails. It saves you wasting your time and gives better accuracy and a better blog.