Email Verification reduces bounces and improves ROI

email-verificationSomeone reading this article might have some questions in mind about a email verification web service, and likely the answers to those questions will be revealed before the end of the article.

Are you an internet marketer? Sorry, are you an email marketer whose mail campaign is not converting as expected? What if I tell you that you’re missing it big time, would you agree? Obviously, you should know why your email campaign is not converting. However, if not, kindly maintain some silence while I lead you in the right way.

Email marketing has stages – learning the basics, understanding your target audience, building and verification of email lists. This may be explained further, but the focus of this article is how to improve on your email marketing using an email verification web service.

A Verification service is simply the determiner of your campaign success. Those who are in the system already know what I am trying to say. Building email lists is not a problem, however, building a valid, and active email list is the real issue.

There are different errors that can occur in email address, and most of the errors can affect your campaign negatively. Nowadays, smart guys want to get your free offer just by submitting their dead email address.

They want to get the best from you and leave you with worse experience. However that’s not the only reason why you need to verify email address. Typos errors are sometimes the reason why you need to verify your email list.

Like I said in the previous paragraph, building email list is not a problem, but getting a list of valid and cleaned email is the issue.

The aim of a email verification web service is to help you build a “healthy” email list. This is the strategy that lead generation companies use to clean up their databases. The same service can improve the deliverability of your message and help you get more sales. More sale? Yes, verification of email can and will change the marketing story you tell.

Do you want your messages to go directly into the inbox, or you prefer sending messages that end up in the spam folder? I know you want the receiver to see what you offer, so you want it to appear in the inbox. Unfortunately, many ad campaigns end up in the spam folder, and some perished undelivered.

Why? Because the email address is either fake or dead. What a waste! What’s more, the bad email will also tarnish your sender reputation.

Unverified lists are the beginning of email marketing failure. With the four steps email verification process, your lists will be free of errors and duplicated emails will be removed.

Fake email address is common and while you think you are sending messages to real address, sometimes the result is very bad. Some people believe that real information including valid emails should not be shared online, so they prefer to formulate fake ID just to have access to whatever you provide.

Can you fix the errors on your own? You clearly need someone who specializes in an email verification service to help you clean your lists.